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Tips on how to Become a Microsoft Excel Consultant Excel Consultants If you want to be an Excel consultant, but you will not know how to use Excel at night beginner level you should determine where your present skills set is, and depending on you need to determine the place to start. Once which has been achieved you need a couple of things so as simply uses start to learn Microsoft Master the intermediate level. To get started on you'll want to purchase a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 (Windows) or 2011 (Mac). Both Excel 2007 and 2010 will both work, but 2010 has some new features which might be extremely powerful knowning that must be used. As such, stick to the latest version. 2011 will continue to work for the Mac, 2008 for the Mac doesn't need VBA, and that means you will need to work in Office 2011.

The next phase is to purchase several books concerning how to use Excel. You will want beginner level books to get started on and intermediate level books once you've made some progress. Many books cover both. You will probably would like to get a novel or two on Excel VBA, once more, a novice book and an intermediate book. John Walkenbach, Michael Alexander, and Bill Jelen write a few of the better books. You need to stick with those in the meantime..

You will also desire to join LinkedIn.Com. They have got free Excel and Excel VBA user groups to help you post questions. You may also check out MrExcel, Experts-Exchange, or VBA Express to make use of their forums. Experts-Exchange does request, but it is good a few groups..

Additionally, you will need to locate sites that have videos for your chance to learn. You-Tube is a great resource to learn Excel. Learning via video is a superb method to quickly grasp a concept.

The next task is so that you can grab your beginner level Excel books also to take a seat in front of your computer with Microsoft Excel running. Open the very first book and head to the first page. Repeat as needed. Excel Consultants Able to being an Excel Consultant you may undoubtedly come to a stopping point in which you have a question. This will happen a great deal. Thus you'll want to locate the best supply of answers to your pending questions. Generally, if you fail to get the answer in a of the Excel books, log in Google. Once online, type your question using the key words that relate to your trouble, such as how to produce a PivotTable. Google will return 10 results per page, nevertheless the results might not have a better solution you would like. If not, rephrase your question and submit again. Give this approximately 5 to 6 tries before abandoning Google.

In case you are struggling to discover the answer via Google check out Experts-Exchange and check for your question there. Most likely the answer has become answered before so you might find your solution immediately. If no, post your question on the site. While you loose time waiting for the way to go being provided go to LinkedIn.Com and view the Excel groups there, yet again searching for an answer to your question. If that also doesn't work, visit MrExcel and check the forums there. Again, passing on 5-6 tries when you give-up. Visit with all the sites until your answer is posted on one ones. You ought to give video few hours. For those who have carried this out you have access to an answer if you can post your question correctly.

Basically you are going to continue doing this process til you have chose to stop learning. Knowing others who use Excel you should consider asking them question along the way. Conversing with people at work for help is a powerful way to learn to turn into a Microsoft Excel consultant.

Learning how to become an Excel Consultant is not hard, nonetheless it needs time to work. You'll also find many questions on the way. If you use counsel above, you will understand Excel sufficiently to become a n Excel consultant. It typically takes years, a long time, but you'll make it happen. Just how many years rely on you, how much quicker you learn, and how much time you invest in learning. Excel Consultants Remain calm, be persistent, seek help, and relish the ride, you as well has decided to be an Excel consultant.